Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zorin, AWN and the State of My Linux Desktop

I have no love for Unity, Gnome3 and KDE kept having indexing issues. The so called Next Generation Interface is not an easy flow on the desktop and to be honest many default features are extremely annoying. So what's a guy to do?

Well oddly enough I found my answer with Gnome3 minus gnome-shell and gnome-panel. Yep both are removed and Avant-Windows-Navigator (AWN) supplies the answer for my windows management. I achieved this little miracle thanks to another Ubuntu based Distro called Zorin. Thanks to them I have this look:

Even better I have found my favorite menu program is working in Zorin:

Yep that's GnoMenu you're looking at. But wait there's more:

Compiz-Fusion and the oh so famous cube are working as well. There's still more:

My Windows Decorator is Emerald.

So do I have the desktop I want? The answer is 99% of it. I say that because its not what I'm used to but as a replacement its great and in time I'll become used to it and will be cruising it just well as I did Gnome2. You can get Zorin HERE and as soon as I get it together I will put my How To together on how I got my system setup. Or have a custom ISO available (if I can get the damn thing uploaded.)

UPDATE: I posted My ISO image to Google Drive. Its a 2.8 GB monster and there are configuration issues so unless you really want a beta version that has no current support channel to speak of I can only say enjoy. Its available HERE

The MD5 Sum is available HERE