Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prowler Menu

I am just having to much fun making themes. These days I am working with jameshardy88 who resides in Great Britain. he does Themes and I do the GnoMenu designs to go with them. The Prowler theme for Gtk is in the works but then I found the Theme and sent it to James to go over. In the meantime I created the GnoMenu Theme and I really like how the layout happened to come together on this one.

I am also realizing i spend way to much time on my computer (j/k)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Okay I'm addicted to making GnoMenu themes. Its fun and productive. And now I can make a better user's guide because I have just about made every type of menu there is. I haven't done tabs yet but I will on my next theme so I can have knowledge of how they work under GnoMenu.

So I made a Vista like menu to understand how to do it. This was the hardest menu to do so far. The way text is lined out in this style of menu is very different than others. Add that the particular visual elements didn't fit as well as expected at first. Plus somehow hidden characters got into my XML code. The code looked absolutely correct but wasn't working and once I redid the affected sections by hand, over writing the code, it magically started working as it should. Have no idea how or why the erroneous hidden characters got there, but they did and in coding that's all that matters to the interpreter.

Anyway I did do some change ups and added a couple of things so the menu fit more with GnoMenu's abilities and appeal. Vistaish, yes but Vista, Hell No!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Azenis Look

When I set out to make a Menu Theme for GnoMenu I had no idea what i was getting myself into. First off this is, as far as I know, the first GnoMenu theme made to fit a particular GTK2 theme.

The Azenis Theme was originally created by JJ Ying for Windows Blinds, a Windows Theming Engine. Azenis has won awards for its design and has been ported to KDE and Gnome where it has proven just as popular.

The decision to do this was pretty basic. It was one of those themes that had such a unique look to it that there was no other way for me to complete the look without building the theme for GnoMenu.

Using images I got from the KBFX Azenis Menu I redid the image to fit the GnoMenu scheme better. I did not want to make it look like its Windows XP counterpart, at least not completely. However, I couldn't make it look like the other themes I have created. My designs mostly follow the basic design originally conceived by ZWS from his Black and White Menu. The Azenis menu art work forbade that so I got a bit creative with the design myself. As you can see my Icon columns are both to the right of the listings menu.

It wasn't all that hard to move the elements around to fit the artwork of the Azenis Menu and once I found extra Azenis Icons that weren't in the Icon set from gnome-look and replaced some of the filler Icons with them. Additional Icons were made by jameshardy88 and myself to complete the look.

I also made a button for it as well and of course a simple Icon theme to complete the look.

So what makes this theme special? Well beyond being made to work with a specific GTK theme it created a surge in GnoMenu downloads. We already had a good following but there are those who love the Azenis theme so much they wanted this menu to use with it. Which means they downloaded and installed GnoMenu.

That wasn't my intention, and to be honest I just wanted a Menu that fit the theme I had decided to use. However, its a nice bonus for Gnomenu and brings even more interest to our project. Theme designers are going to give GnoMenu serious consideration when creating themes now to help complete the theme's look. I would say that's a good added bonus.