Friday, July 17, 2009

Okay I'm addicted to making GnoMenu themes. Its fun and productive. And now I can make a better user's guide because I have just about made every type of menu there is. I haven't done tabs yet but I will on my next theme so I can have knowledge of how they work under GnoMenu.

So I made a Vista like menu to understand how to do it. This was the hardest menu to do so far. The way text is lined out in this style of menu is very different than others. Add that the particular visual elements didn't fit as well as expected at first. Plus somehow hidden characters got into my XML code. The code looked absolutely correct but wasn't working and once I redid the affected sections by hand, over writing the code, it magically started working as it should. Have no idea how or why the erroneous hidden characters got there, but they did and in coding that's all that matters to the interpreter.

Anyway I did do some change ups and added a couple of things so the menu fit more with GnoMenu's abilities and appeal. Vistaish, yes but Vista, Hell No!!

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