Saturday, August 4, 2012

We probably have all seen the ads where HP sends a cute baby's picture over the internet to be printed at the home of the family so its ready when they get home.

When it comes to cloud services I like this one especially. HP though doesn't support Linux based computers (Though they do support Android [Huh?!?])

Google has a similar service called Google Cloud Print. I just recently bought a Brother MFC-J430W printer and discovered that it had the ability to connect to Google Cloud so I signed in using my Gmail account using the printer's simple http interface.

Now let me say I LOVE THIS PRINTER. I can print from my phone to the printer over the local wireless network and I can scan from the printer to the phone. (Still working on connecting to the scanner via SANE client over the wireless network. That will be another post.)

It took a little research but I found a CUPS driver for Google Cloud Printer service with setup instructions here so if I ever need to print something and my netbook and I are at a remote location I can send it over the cloud.

Folks this is an extremely valuable service and one well worth having. Check into at

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