Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time To Be Personal, Frank and Completely Honest.

You are looking at a picture of where I now live. Yep that is a very old (1985 Model to be exact) travel trailer.

Its a roof but now I'm going to reveal some things about my personal life I have never revealed online before.

I am in a personal war with my son's grandmother whom is illegally interfering with parental rights over my 9 year old son. Under Texas State Law she is not allowed to interfere, coerce, or extort in any form that infringes upon my rights as the father. Well she does all that. She even committed perjury (out right lied to the judge) lied to the police and has even physically attacked me (in the hopes of getting me to retaliate so I would go to jail.)

Anyway long story short, with a lot of help from a lot of good people I finally found this old travel trailer and $800 dollars later. The significance of this is that she no longer has control of my living situation. I now have a have a home base and can actually get a decent job.

Ah but there is a rub... I need to repair it and well barely get enough money a month to pay the lot rent and the electric bill (plus keep my cell phone going as well.)

So I am doing the one thing I never wanted to do and had hoped to God I never would do. I am begging for money online but I'm in a do or die clutch situation and have an opportunity to end the living hell I have endured for far to long.

So I am using Go Fund Me to ask for the money I need to repair the trailer for long term living and do it correctly, not just half ass.

Here's the link:

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