Monday, September 8, 2014

Using Linux As A Promotional Tool

Okay before anything else I need to state the following. The following video is showing how I set my system up to support my Football Team the Houston Texans using graphics and files I created specifically for that purpose. I will not release this setup as a distribution because of the many copyright issues that doing so would cause with the NFL and the Texans. This setup exists only on my Laptop and that is it. However, it does show how Linux can be setup to promote any business, organization, charity, product, service or just about anything one can think of.

I also need to apologize for the quality of the beginning of the video showing the boot up and log in process. I had to use my phone to capture the video as Virtualbox was balking on many things so I couldn't record the screen. The video is nowhere near professional quality but it gets the idea across.

I am running LinuxMint 17 KDE version for this demo.

What's important to look at here is that:

The entire boot to desktop process is all showing the Organization I am supporting.
The creation of the elements used are simple and fairly straight forward to create and incorporate into the Linux system. Though some technical knowledge is required, things can be kept simple or if desired things can be made to be even more impressive using various engine functions in Plymouth, Ksplash and Kwin to wow the target audience.

Those who wish to promote whatever, can do so, essentially for the cost of a DVD, and even print labels on to the DVDs using a specialized printer, which gives a even higher polish to the end product.

It also promotes Linux.

The variations are many, Boot Splash, Login Themes, Desktop Environment, Icons, Desktop Themes and Graphics, and what applications can be used.

Many LUGS use their own distributions to promote themselves. This just taking the concept further.w

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