Sunday, July 19, 2015

How I Got Compiz Working In Debian 8.1 Jessie

If you love having the desktop cube or other goodies in Linux via Compiz but use a Debian based distribution other than Ubuntu you have probably noticed that its is no longer in the repositories, including testing and SID. Well fear not you can now get it. I use Linux Mint Debian Edition which is based on Debian 8.1 Jessie release.

After trying several different methods to get it installed, including compiling the source code (epic failure) I did my usual investigation to determine what needed to be done to resolve this. To me Compiz is a vital component, effects aside I rely on the Desktop Cube. It organizes my work flow and allows me to perform operations with less clutter from having several things open at once.

The problem in getting Compiz to work was the missing dependencies from the Debian Repositories so no matter what method I went with I would either get broken packages or outright failures in these attempts. That being said I went to one last (by last I mean it was my absolute final attempt) effort to install Compiz.

In a nutshell Compiz development is only being done by Canonical right now. Its an integral part of their Unity Desktop so they are actively developing it. However, as many have noted the version in Ubuntu 15.04 doesn't work with Debian 8.1. Well fear not because the version in the upcoming 15.10 release does. Wily Werewolf is the solution to our Compiz dilemma.

Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb wily main universe

Update your sources, install Compiz, the plugins and ccsm then either remove, or comment out, the line.

I am currently using Compiz on my system.

For my next magic trick, Emerald Decorator.


réda said...

hi, which desktop environment are you using? thanks

réda said...

Which desktop environment are you using? thanks

Shaun Marolf said...

Becky LMDE 8.2

luisg123v said...

It didn't work for me.

When I add the Ubuntu repository and install compiz, it also installs the package libsigc++-2.0-0v5, which replaces the installed package libglibmm-2.4-1c2a. That causes all applications which depends on the replaced package to be removed, such as gparted, some mate applications like the Mate System Monitor, etc.

Shaun Marolf said...

There have been changes to both Wily Werewolf and LMDE which is now at 8.2. This article was good for 8.1. Can't say I'm surprised but on the flip side its a royal PIA getting something you want to work when support for it is gone. Since in this case its a Debian issue and not a Mint issue. More upset I can't simply compile compiz like I did in the past, but Debian also dropped many of the packages compiz needs so that doesn't work out either. Sadly compiz is dying off and this is why these issues are happening.

Anonymous said...

I reopen this topic,

compiz reloaded 0.8.12 is now available for debian jessie and stretch on this project :)

Noel Merino Hernández said...

Compiz (0.8.12) can be installed in Debian Jessie (8.4) with MATE Desktop (1.8.1) from Repos:


Shaun Marolf said...

At the time I wrote this blog none of those Repositories existed. I have already updated my posting on LinkedIn and was going to do the same here but your comment brought the subject up so I will just say that the Tux Family repository is the one I recommend the highest, as it also includes Emerald.