Monday, August 3, 2015

Emerald for Debian Jessie and LMDE 2 Betsy

In my post concerning how to Install Compiz on Jessie and LMDE Betsy I stated that Emerald Decorator would be my next target to get working. I am happy to say I have accomplished this and tested it. The dependency issue is fixed and it installs without any broken package issues. Its also the first deb file I have ever packaged, which is cool.

The deb file can be downloaded here.



Anonymous said...

Could you please add building from src instructions?


Shaun Marolf said...

I did not build from source, instead I unpacked the current version deb file binary and modified the control file. Then repacked it as a deb. If you want to build from source then google 'installing emerald from source files' There is an excellent tutorial online but not sure what the URL for it is and I'm answering this from my phone.