Monday, February 5, 2007

The Repaired Laptop

I usually have a lot of bad luck. I mean Job had an easier life than I did. So when I have a very fortunate thing happen I am incredibally estatic over it. Case in point the laptop I mentioned in yesterdays post is now fully repaired and functional. There was no Main Board damage though there was a ton of dust in it. Easily cleaned up. The power adaptor also was not broken. There was just no solder on one of the power lead connections. So yanked out my (paraphrassing my son and "Blue's Clues" here) handy dandy solder iron and some silver solder and put it on the connection. Of course I had the enire notebook torn apart and I was able to get it back together. It does need a new battery but that's another matter entirely.

A note to the engineers and designers though. Sometimes these things need to be worked on. Please consider making sure that the CPU can be removed and reinstalled safely. I fully understand the need to use materials to ensure the CPU stays as cool as possible, BUT STOP USING GLUE! at least on the CPU side.

I installed PCLinuxOS 0.93a Big Daddy since 0.94a is far from ready. Tex and crew have run into several issues and they need to fix them. It will be nice when ready but its not going to happen for another month.

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