Sunday, February 11, 2007

NFS out of the gate

Before today I used Samba to handle my network file sharing needs. That was in an evironment where I had Windows machines and Samba was the only real solution for that situation. Well with the laptop being Linux and my desktop being Linux Samba really wasn't what I needed. Nope NFS (Network File Services) was the solution here. Now I have never setup NFS before so I looked for a tutorial and found one href="">

I set up NFS in a matter of minutes and was able to transfer files from my desktop to my laptop easily there after. NFS is much easier to setup than Samba and has built in security with simple switches. NFS is designed for diskless clients, but works very well with all Linux clients as well.

Considering that I have worked both Windows Networking services and Linux Networking Services I keep realizing that Linux is really much more suited for the job.

I keep finding more and more reasons why my exit from windows is a good thing. NFS is yet another.

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