Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Work has been keeping me busy so I haven't had a whole lot of free time to post in my blog.

Two bits worth talking about here: First the laptop, it was down for two weeks. The internal power connector cracked (or it already was cracked form the previous time, not sure on that.) Anyway, it was causing the positive connection to short out on the USB ground, which is like a yikes and bad news for the laptop. I had to purchase a new power connector. Tried to get one that would fit internally, no dice, found a dead main board on e-bay and bid on it. Someone wanted it more and I didn't see paying $70 as justifiable for a power connector. So went to the local Radio Shack who actually had the right size connector to fit the power supply. However, there was no way on earth I would ever get it to fit in the laptop case. Its one of the heavy duty cylinder types thats like an inch and a half long.

Well to get my laptop back up I had to remove the old broken connector and run two wires (Positive and Negative voltage lines) from the main board. I also had to put a small slit in the back of the laptop case so I could install the main board. I had to solder the wires of course which is really kind of a nerve wrecker. One slip of the soldering iron tip to the wrong place and its bye bye laptop. So now I have this dongle cable coming out the back of my laptop. (I wrapped it in electrical tape.) Its ugly but functional.

I also installed a Dual Layer DVD burner as well. I have burned some CDs but not a DVD with it yet. So now all I need is to refurbish (paint some letters on) the keyboard and get a new battery.

Secondly: I downloaded and started Playing with PCLOS 2007 Test 3. I tried out beryl for its 3D affects, very,very nice. However, it caused me to lose communication with the built in network adaptor. I had an IP address but I wasn't able to get the network to communicate when I fired up beryl. I even turned beryl off and tried resetting the adaptor, and it didn't work. So I was forced to reinstall PCLOS to get my adaptor back up. I will say this, I WANT BERYL WORKING. It was way way cool.

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