Friday, March 16, 2007

Kubuntu doing the job...

Well Kubuntu is growing on me though there are definite annoyances but I have to admit it works and is doing what I want it to do as well as what I need it to. So that being the case I am learning all the work arounds. I have Kickoff installed and quickly learned how to change the button to what I wanted. Krusader allowed me to not only change the active button but to place the inactive button where I wanted it to be. (/usr/share/apps/kicker/pics/)

kicker_basic.mng is the unpressed launch menu button and kicker_active.png is the pressed launch button (No, I do not know the reasoning behind using two different file formats for the button graphics.)

I have placed almost all my wallpapers in the default /usr/share/wallpapers/ directory and as long as I can get to the rudimentary level I am satisfied.

What I would like to see is a generic based distribution that uses the Ubuntu repositories but doesn't have the (K)Ubuntu silliness of keeping people out of the system files without the use of special programs like Krusader. I even made an entry for Konqueror as root in my menu and it still won't allow me access to the / level of my directory structure unless I put in the address bar manually. And lets please for the love of (place whatever you want here) get rid of the stinking sudo scheme.

Linux is supposed to be open, the (K)Ubuntu scheme just doesn't feel all that open to me.

Well I have updates to download on the laptop.

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