Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kubuntu and Me???

I am not the biggest fan of Ubuntu/Kubuntu, mostly because of the sudo usage. I prefer being able to log in as root. Still though here I am on my laptop using Kubuntu. Why? Well because PCLOS failed to update in time for me to be able to perform my work. Mepis was my next attempt and it broke when I updated. Linspire was pretty much out of the question since getting it to do what I need is a royal PIA.

Tried Your OS only to quickly learn it isn't being maintained well. Etc and so on. So I downloaded and burned Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) and installed it onto my laptop. I have to say its been through some nice changes. The gnome look has pretty much disappeared and there is a kickoff download for available here.

I can deal with the sudo thing even though I find it annoying at times but all in all its pretty nice and you can still get around the Kubuntu people trying to make settings access more in line with the Gnome philosophy. If I wanted that I would use Gnome, I use KDE because I can use the options if I want, and sometimes do.

Well the laptop is for all intent and purpose completed. While I was doing it the desktop arose with a surprise issue. PCLOS 0.93a Big Daddy was/is not ready for the change to Daylight Savings Time three weeks early. So while my laptop changed to the correct time my desktop did not. Tex sadly has dropped the ball on this one. I have no choice but to again move to another Distro and it seems Kubuntu is it.

However, I am sure I will find myself annoyed by some Kubuntu specific issue and my hunt will be on to find a more acceptable distribution.

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