Thursday, March 22, 2007

MEPIS to the rescue

After my Kubuntu issue I decided that was it. However, I like the Ubuntu repositories simply because they have a large selection of available software. So the question is how do I get what I really want?

Well the stable version of MEPIS wasn't going to do it so I took a shot at MEPIS 6.5 RC3 and it works. I did a complete upgrade using the Edgy repositories, the original repositories were for Dapper. Thus resulting in me getting KDE 3.5.6 (Latest Version) and several major upgrades to core system files. So far I haven't had an issue. Warren also has the KDE 3D interface going nicely and I'm using it now. SWEET!!!

So I have the Ubuntu repositories, and I have a seperate root account (No sudo for me) and I have a cutting edge user interface. Granted its going to be a real PIA to get it all back together but considering what I'm getting in return, its well worth it.

HOW TO come soon.

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