Wednesday, March 21, 2007

(K)Ubuntu Annoyance Emerges

There is a reason why I hate the (K)Ubuntu setup. When things go wrong you sometimes need that root account. Today is a prime example. Something I could have fixed easily as root happened. However, because that option is not available I ended up with data loss. This is why I hate the (K)Ubuntu sudo scheme. And why I am not fond of (K)Ubuntu.

First off its simply not as secure as a separate Root account. Yes it can keep you from doing things you may not want to do, it can also keep you from doing things you may want to do, or need to do, as well.

Separate root accounts that you can log into allow you to fix issues before they become bigger issues. Which was my case. Having to log into an account that is in an issue situation can actually do more damage.

Root accounts allow system and account repair. (K)Ubuntu proved to me AGAIN why it fails to be a true *NIX access system. ROOT EXISTS FOR A REASON.

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