Monday, March 19, 2007

Almost Comical, Certainly Insane....

When does a law suit finally show its absurdity? When the claims of a company literally make them the owner of the Internet.

I have been following The SCO Vs. IBM case since the beginning. The fact of the matter is the case is all but over. There is no doubt in mine, or anyone else's mind that SCO made a big noise but had no real case to begin with. Now IBM is showing the court that if SCO's claims stand they would be able to claim ownership rights to the Entire Internet and all technology of Internet enabled devices. This includes cell phones, mp3 players, DVRs, etc. You can read about it at Groklaw.

Work is getting better and I am developing new customer relationships. I may bring in a contract service agreement here.

Kubuntu, though still not my preferred choice, is definitely growing on me. The sudo aspects, and the other annoyances associated with it still leave me a bit perturbed but it does what I need it to do for work purposes as well as personal stuff.

My next step in networking is to learn how to configure a Kolab server. This will be interesting.

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