Monday, December 3, 2007

Gutsy Gibbon Webcam Woes

If you use Gutsy Gibbon (Edubuntu, Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Xubuntu) then you have noticed a neat little issue. Webcams that previously worked in Feisty aren't working in Gutsy.

Though I was surprised to find my reliable and old VGA cam didn't work I was even more surprised to learn that I couldn't get it to work in Gutsy even using the correct driver.

Apparently there was a major overhaul of the webcam modules to alleviate them of outdated drivers which means support for older webcams is gone.

So I went looking for a list of webcams known to work with Gutsy. All I could find is a list for Skype but its a start. Since the cams listed here are known to work in the Linux version of Skype for Gutsy they will also work with Gutsy sans Skype.


Communicate STX
Quickcam 9000 Pro
Quickcam Chat for Skype
Quickcam Express II
Quickcam Notebook Deluxe
Quickcam Pro 4000
Quickcam Pro for Notebooks
Quickcam Ultra Vision
Quickcam Zoom


These are the models I wrote down when i went to get another webcam that would work. I ended with the Quickcam Notebook Deluxe which worked right out of the box on my laptop.

Camorama was of no help for camera testing and Kopete and aMSN were the apps I had to use to see if it was working.

PLEASE if you are reading this and know of any webcams that work in Gutsy out of the box or with minor tweaking email me at so I can add them to this list.

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