Tuesday, December 11, 2007

(K)Ubuntu strikes again

Okay my disdain for what Canonical is doinf to Linux is getting to be over the top and I'm just plain sick. With all the over rides, lockouts and plain bad attitude they are giving to 3rd party repositories which they DO NOT WANT YOU TO USE I am just getting sick and tired of it. The use od sudo is bad enough but to lock out KDM and to make it use the GDM config files just plain PISSES ME OFF.

Linux is supposed to be fun and configurable, not locked down with schemes and over rides. What Canonical is doing, in my opinion, is taking the fun out of Linux. Yes I use Kubuntu but that just may well change soon. I am looking at other options now. I will not support a Linux Distro that both destroys the overall Linux philosophy and locks out developers because they only want people using their approved repositories.

From DesktopLinux

"Woodford said, for MEPIS users this means that Ubuntu does not provide a foundation for long term incremental upgrades. "Ubuntu is almost a whole new distro each time it's released," he said. "By using the EXPERIMENTAL code, each and every time, the Ubuntu code tree is inherently less stable than the Debian code tree, which contains additional levels of testing and vetting and fixing of code."

Woodford said that sometimes the Ubuntu tree contains desirable newer versions of major user applications, and the major user applications, such as Firefox and OpenOffice, come from upstream sources where the code was already stable.

So it is that Woodford has decided to go back to Debian for MEPIS' Linux heard. In particular, he will be using Debian GNU/Linux version 4.0 -- code-named Etch. - Woodford has also found that although Ubuntu is source compatible with Debian, it is becoming less and less binary compatible with Debian. "This was not obvious over a year ago, but it is very obvious now," he said."

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