Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cleaning out the garbage

Facebook: Disabled
WAYN: Closed

Yep both were becoming exxessive or never used. WAYN (Where Are You Now) was a joke of a social site really and then they wanted $$$ for services. Sorry if it didn't work well when services were free why would I throw good money into it now that they decided to charge me.

Facebook just became an out of control worthless social site with no end of issues and way to many emails coming in and most were to entice me to log on to services. Add to that I wasn't allowed access to messages because I wasn't inviting enough people to join. Point blank, who needs that rot? I invite people I think might be interested. I wasn't one of them anymore. Add to that the privacy and security issues in tow with Facebook usage I decided it was best to just stop. I deleted every single app and suspended the account. Will contact customer service to delete it later.

I still have other social web sites I use that don't pound me with emails I don't want or need.

Finally got the Real Time Kernel working and believe me on a DuoCore2 laptop in performance mode its freakin' awesome. even in Dynamic Mode its good but Performance Mode just makes it zing. If you have never used a Real Time Kernel then let me explain what that means. There is no lag time in processor hand off. In the normal kernel if a process is done with its time slice then the system will wait x amount of time before hand off where x is the amount of time left in the time slice assigned to the process. A Real Time Kernel however, hands off the process once the process is done whether there is time left or not. In other words the kernel doesn't go idle when processes are waiting in line for CPU time. Multitasking goes a lot smoother in a Real Time Environment compared to the standard kernel method. Though most people will have no need for a Real Time Kernel heavy resource users like myself can enjoy less lag and lock while the system cycles through processes.

KDE 3.5.9 is out now and its installed on my laptop. Putting it on my son's desktop now. That soon to be four year old can run Windows (Mom's computer) and Linux (his computer) and to him (bless his little heart) there is no difference. The only real thing unique on his, is that he is using the Windows version of Firefox, utilizing WINE so he can have Shockwave (needed for some of his kiddie websites.)

His mother prefers she uses hers (she is a die hard Windows user) and not his. Hey the kid has his own computer and not just some toy system either. Its a 2GHz P4 (granted a single core system but still great for a four year old boy) with a GB of RAM and a 250 GB Hard Drive. (His old Hard Drive crashed so I had to replace it.)

I am working with/for HeliOS Solutions now. Good guys and were working on a whole new business model and system.

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