Friday, February 22, 2008

News of note

First off, the Microsoft olive branch is a lie. Please all developers take note of the NON-COMMERCIAL CLAUSE and statement. Please for the love of technology do not fall into the spiders lair.

To the Fedora and Kubuntu camps. Who gives a damn who contributes more, has a better 3rd party developer upstream and does the most for KDE development. Neither camp is working off a primarily KDE based distro and that's fine. We can have KDE on either and that's good enough. Both make important contributions to open source and KDE and though there will always be arguments over this, that or whatever they should not be posted on a blog that talks primarily about a particular distro's contributions. Especially since said blog said nothing derogatory about the other's Distro in the first place.

Now on to my news. I de-blacklisted my Intel 965GM video card so I could use Compiz-Fusion. Since it really didn't matter whether I had it going or not the GPU is simply going to lock up from time to time until the bugs are worked out of the driver and backend controls. There's no telling when or what will cause it, so I enabled my card for Compiz.

The HeliOS theme package is looking nice as I play with different aspects and features. Its slowly becoming the toyal and complete package and I setup both KDE a\nd Compiz looks for the package. To show the effects here are the pics.

This is the standard desktop screen shot. Nothing spectacular or special. It simply shows what the desktop looks like in normal state. The purpose is to allow people to see if they like the look.

Now we come to the menu screenshot:

This is a screen shot of the menu and file manager using the KDE Decoration and Theme. Which BTW is Cylon for the Decoration and the Theme is HeliOS which I created by using all sorts of packages from This theme isn't finished just yet but I an really pleased how its coming together as I find just the right material to use. However, the next screen shot shows the same thing only now its with Compiz activated:

The main, and most obvious difference is the decoration of course. Since I am using Compiz I have to use Emerald as the theme manager. since the Cylon look isn't available for Compiz (yet) I needed to use a theme that fit and so I went with the one you see. Yet none of this is as important as the effects screen shot. By that I mean how does it look on a 3D enhanced system like Compiz? well the cube looks like this:

The cube settings I have are topcaps off, 40% Translucency when moving the cube with the mouse and mirroring on for the skycap bottom. Overall a very cool ( and impressive) look. Though the overall theme is coming together nicely its far from complete. I have the Sounds, Icons, Cursors, KDM, KSplash, Splashy Theme, and GRUB Splash done, which is most everything, but I just feel there is something more it needs. I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Hope you like the look.

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