Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Linux and the Drummer

when I advocate Linux to a new user I first make sure they know that this is NOT WINDOWS. Though I can make it look similar and react as Windows to some degree we still find ourselves with some incompatibilities.

So where do I get new users involved? Those who are just frustrated and tired of Windows problems. Computer care should involve updating and occasionally basic system maintenance. Conflicker has become a problem for a lot of Windows users and despite an individuals pronounced expertise on the subject no Linux system was reported as infected with conflicker, though it may have been passed on by some Linux based servers unknowingly. I have ClamAV on all my Linux systems for that reason, to keep them from passing on Windows based viruses. And it works.

So when a friend who is a drummer for a band called "The Long Gone Daddys" asked me to fix his computer I asked what do you use it for? Answer to check the MySpace and web site for the band mostly. He also needed better tools for the web site management as well. He knew I used Linux so I asked if he wanted to give it a try. He answered that he wanted to have a working computer that stayed working.

DING DING DING Linux is gonna be installed.

What advantages does he get from Linux?

Better Web Design utilities and programs.
Open Source music composition software. He does write music after all.
A more reliable and secure computer.
Longer usability on his laptop because newer versions of Windows will most likely be unusable on it.

Of course the proof is in whether he keeps Linux or not but I'm willing to bet he will.


Tim Smith said...

Can you give some examples of the apps you've installed for him?
I've enjoyed using some of the Linux music tools although they haven't quite come up to the standard of apps like Ableton Live.
I've also had a hard time finding a good Linux app for managing a whole website, lots of good web page editors but for complete sites I've ended up using CMSs like Joomla
Can't fault Ubuntu on stability, always pleased to boot into it rather than Vista

technoshaun said...

I plan on covering this more as he uses it more. Unfortunately his schedule has been rather intensive and we are still going over things slowly. I am waiting for him to hard wire connect the laptop to get it up to date so we can get other things working as well. So far though he is impressed and it has resulted in his keeping others from infecting his computer with spyware, malware and viruses.