Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am a veteran, a combat veteran from operation Praying Mantis and Desert Shield / Storm. I am not Timothy Mc Veigh whom was an extremist who hated the United States. I love my country and believe in the Constitution. Though I am not overly happy with much of the current political scenario I still support the government.

That said I want to know why on April 7th the Department of Homeland Security labeled myself and fellow veterans as potential domestic terrorists?

Is it because veterans tend to be more vocal about issues? Which we have every right to be. As far as I am concerned veterans have earned this right, even if its in opposition to the current administration.

I will never carry out an attack against my country, but I will vocalize my displeasure on any subject I choose. The first amendment gives me the right and I and my fellow vets put our tails on the line for those who didn't. I will stand up for anyones right to speak freely, even if I disagree with them. It is their right to speak freely, and it is mine as well.

I feel insulted and betrayed.

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