Saturday, May 2, 2009

Linux and the Drummer (Part Two)

Finally after a few minor glitches got the wireless card working on the drummer's laptop. Its one of those Broadcom cards that has no functional Linux based drivers yet. This required me to setup and tweak ndiswrapper to make it function. However, he is extremely happy with the results.

Most of the glitches involved getting the system onto a working wired connection. Not the actual setup and configuration of ndiswrapper. Yet once done the card snapped to and worked and Network Manager is seeing it under its wireless interface.

He is impressed to say the least. As he puts it everything is right there in front. The menu is easier to navigate and he is enjoying the Ubuntu Linux experience.

The first thing he remarked about was on line multimedia worked a lot better. I installed all the restricted and medibuntu extras to make sure it would play all the various multimedia files on the Internet, including Flash 10. Under Windows the playback was choppy but with Linux and Firefox they play smoothly.

He still has a basic no bells and whistles install at this point. He and I agree that they're nice but he needs time to learn it better before he adds a bunch of features which may overwhelm his experience at this time.

I will continue to work with him on this but for now its a learning experience.

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