Sunday, June 7, 2009

Building a Business - Growth by Communication

I have officially been in business just over a week. Though I still have many hurdles to get over things are going fairly well. I have two business clients and both are and will lead to even more clients.

Why am I already growing as a business in such a short time? Simple I follow the belief that the bottom line should never be the deciding factor in giving good customer support. If I have to take a loss here and there to be build a better more profitable business, so be it. The loss hurts, especially in the growing stage I am in. I have to get a lot of stuff taken care of and I still need to get the HeliOS Project here in Houston going. However finding, and keeping, clients is vital to all of that. Communication with my clients in every stage of their projects, and service support, is not only vital, its what will make HeliOS Solutions of Houston grow, and allow the HeliOS Project to start.

I cannot stress enough that good business means good communications. Your clients, like mine, want and need to know how you are doing on their project, not someone else's. In other words you need to not only need to work on each project, but all your projects.

Your work becomes a juggling act. You have to divide your time and make the customer think that their project is the most important one you're working on. While treating all projects on your work list equally. Its the never ending cycle.

In all of this you need to get with your client and demonstrate your progress and communicate what you have done, take their feedback, change requests and incorporate those as well.

Business isn't just producing a product and saying "Here it is." its also giving good support and communicating with your client, to produce a better business relationship.

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