Tuesday, January 9, 2007

New Job Offering

Okay so I applied for a job with Company ABC (Not real name). No biggie I have dealt with these companies before usually the local guy calls you in for a interview. Not ABC, at least not with me. I get an email from the Corporate office from "K" and she arranges a phone interview with me which was done yesterday. Later on today I will have a second phone interview with ABC being conducted by "K" only this one will confrenece in a guy "L" (Seriously these are the First Initials in their names, purely coincedence.)

I am a bit intriqued because last time I had this happen, I ended up at the Ames Research Center in Mt. View, CA surveying the network there for NASA. It was a great gig but costly. I made nearly double what everyone else there doing the same job was making. (For a reason too, and no I will not discuss it.) Yet the cost of everything in that part of CA is insane. It was a great experience and trust me being able to put that on a Resume is a great thing. It definitely gets you noticed, which afterall is what the resume is about.

Already told its a 1099 position (Contract I pay my own taxes, Blech.) Yeah I will be working for myself essentially but, sounds like I will be travelling all over the place. Hmm good thing bad thing contract position, (I prefer contract positions BTW. This is how people should be employed as far as I'm concerned.)

This is a set of dice still rolling on the table, somehow I'm feeling lucky.

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