Tuesday, March 4, 2008

LinuxMint is it.

The LinuxMint KDE CE (Community Edition) 4.0 Daryna is now out of Beta and has been released.

Based loosely on Kubuntu it provides better stability and uses the more common sense approaches needed.

Kcontrol instead of System Settings: Jonathon Riddell does a remarkable job but his opinion concerning Kcontrol needing to be replaced, though correct, cannot be done with a sub-par interface. System Settings does not give you access to all KCM's and therefore is proving to be highly unpopular among hard core KDE users. Myself included. Replacing KControl must be done with something that allows access to the all settings, not just a select few. KDE users are used to, and want, full access to all KDE Control Modules. Many whom use KDE choose to do so over Gnome for this reason alone. Myself included.

Synaptic instead of Adept: Yes synaptic is GTK but so what? Its simply the best front end for Apt there is. Many KDE users get it and use it. Adept is to confusing in some ways and far less configurable. Also since LinuxMint's update front end uses synaptic I can pin software and not worry about it getting accidentally updated. (I do this with OpenOffice since I use the version directly from them and not the one in the Ubuntu repositories.) You can't version pin software in Adept without jumping through a few hoops. In fact one thing I could not do on Kubuntu and have done on LinuxMint is completely remove Adept. Yes I lose the KDE front end for Restricted Modules but then I don't need it.

Better setup scripts: LinuxMint install and configuration scripts are leaner and much tighter. Overall I have a much better running laptop. Especially in the Compiz-Fusion setup. Since I'm not jumping into KDE 4 yet and am using KDE 3.5.9 until KDE 4 is ready for general user consumption. Right now its still in early adopter status and requires more applications to be ported over. Plus there are numerous bugs being worked on as well.

The only thing I don't understand is the use of TastyMenu. KBFX maybe, but TastyMenu has a lot of issues and bugs in it. No matter since I installed Kickoff 1 anyway. Would prefer Kickoff QT but that's near impossible now.

Also interesting article here concerning how to get Linux to be a better player on the Desktop. Though I agree it really focuses on one real issue, the hardware aspect. Though important it is NOT the total answer.

Linux adoption will happen only when users find it as easy to use as Windows with all the same functions and abilities.

Nuff' Said.

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