Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Can't break free from Kubuntu

I cannot find a suitable replacement for Kubuntu and the fact of the matter is I have the best system setup with it. However, I still hate the sudo crap.

Okay there are many other things as well but I got CUPS working thanks to this web site.

Kubuntu is not a bad distribution it just drives me insane. I am not a Linux newbie but Kubuntu makes me feel like one. I am so used to flying around my system and putting things where I want that when I deal with Kubuntu and find myself facing a new and unwanted roadblock it just PO's me to no damn end.

Kubuntu has one great and endearing feature on it. For corporate desktops it is the most secure KDE based system out there.

Now to learn how to get Kolab going between my desktop and my laptop :)

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