Monday, April 23, 2007

Feisty Up!

One complaint I had about Kubuntu disabling access to root level directory structure is now fixed. Though if you run the upgrade script you won't notice it. Feisty seems to be returning to the KDE concept a bit more.

I upgraded my desktop to Feisty over the Internet. I did a fresh install on my laptop. The new version of KB3 rocks.

I got a Multi-Function Center at Fry's. Normally I don't go in for all in one wonders but its a Brother and there are two qualities about it I dearly like immediately:

1. Brother has LPR and Cups drivers available for download. This allows the Printer to be used on a Linux system. They also provide drivers for SANE and print to FAX.

2. The Ink Cartridges are refillable.

I have setup the printer, fax (still not fully functional) and scanner locally on my clone desktop. I have the laptop printing to the printer over CUPS. I am working on setting up saned so my laptop, and a Windows system (not my computer) can access the scanner over the network.

I have read several how tos on saned but so far none have been all that helpful. Kubuntu is not particularly friendly about allowing saned to be run and accessible. I will eventually get it going though.

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