Saturday, April 7, 2007

The what, where, when and how of Technicians

When is a tech not a tech? When he has to be a salesman. When is a salesman a tech? Never.

The above two statements are fact. A technician is supposed to fix, repair and otherwise lend assistance. I am a tech not a salesman. I don't want to, nor do I like to, sell anything. Yes I can offer products but only if I feel they are good solid products.

I also do not like to BS people. If I can't fix it I simply can't fix it. It should not be my place to call the cable company, DSL provider or Communications Package provider. And I should not be charging customers for that either. I have personal ethics here. If I actually perform work and get a legitimate solution for the customer then yes I expect to be paid but when I come across AT&T proprietary equipment that is specifically designed to keep outside technicians from working on their system, then I have no choice but to say I cannot fix the issue when it is an AT&T issue.

Also being the only available tech for my company in Houston at the moment means I am busy. Even a couple hours of breathing time means a lot to me. Last week it was off early in the morning, getting home late and barely getting sleep after going through all my email.

So what can I do? For now not much as my job is a required make money where possible position.

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