Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I Quit my job

At 5:30 AM CDT I awoke and got on my computer to file reports I was behind due to an overloaded work schedule. I have been run ragged and had no time for my son, myself or anything.

Lo and behold there is an email from the office manager stating I would only be getting HALF the pay I have earned because I was (with all good reason) behind on reports again. Meaning a $1500 to $2000 pay check was now $750 to $1000. Here I am over worked and highly stressed out and trying to keep it together to the next paycheck and there it is in my email telling me all that work I did was for nothing.

Here is the response from my boss:

The issue at hand is one of time management and expectations.

You've brought up multiple times you have no time for yourself, your son, or to do the required paperwork for the job...requesting off a day here or there would have resolved that.

I won't change the policy of needing daily invoices / deposits in order to qualify for a bonus. Your statement below indicates that you feel we aren't paying you your full pay, yet it's clearly stated and communicated that you earn 12.50 / hour for the 1st hour and 22.50 for each additional as your full pay. You can qualify for a bonus by following the daily procedures. I'm not making up "let's screw shaun rules" in fact for the last few pay periods I've let you skate by with a mere warning or at most a single call penalized because I knew you were working hard. Perhaps that was my mistake and I should have disqualified your bonus from day 1 of not following the daily close out requirements as laid out in your contract.

I've done multiple favors for you to help you out Shaun, even fronting your money before you've earned it. As I said, my mistake was letting you have so much leeway from the beginning because you came to just expect the bonus as part of your pay, rather than something you earn.

We will take you off the schedule immediately as per your rushed resignation, although even this action will only hurt you. For 1 you won't be making any additional money, and 2 as per your agreement it will further delay your paycheck in total until we receive all Rescuecom supplies back at our office, and have cleared the pay period waiting time to cover any possible warranty's for your work.

I'm truly sorry for it to end this way, I expected far more when I hired you originally.

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