Thursday, April 19, 2007

Moral, Ethical and Personal Issues

Well today has taught me something. The company I work for isn't so great. They tried to get me to take a expedited call (a call where I have to be at the customers within an hour) fortunately the call was to far away for me to do that. However, they lied to me and said K asked them to see if I could do so. K however wasn't even working today due to a family emergency.

I have had to rethink my ethical beliefs on many things and I have determined the following:

Customers must give their credit card in advance now. They will be charged for the service call regardless. So even if I can't fix the issue (There is no such thing as 'Fix or Free' under the policies of the company) if I offer any solution, even telling the customer to call someone else, then they will be charged for an hour of service. This is morally wrong. I fixed nothing and the customer should not have to pay.

The company now has its own branded security suite, it will not guarantee any other product or service against viruses, trojans and spyware. This effectively ties my hands when it comes to offering the best solution for the situation. Again this is ethically wrong. Especially since I just checked on the package from the OEM of the software and found its not as well rated as I would like it to be. In other words its not all that good compared to the solutions I prefer.

Finally there is no such thing as a day off as I have learned these last two days. That's a personal issue with me. When I ask for a day off I want it off. I caved in for my first day I was supposed to have off but the second day I did not. Still they tried to assign me a job.

I will have to rethink this job.

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